Nooshin Ravanshadi | About
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About me and my work

The main focus of my artistic practice is the human mind. Regardless of the medium I choose, the size or the way of presentation, what connects my works, is the exploring of what interests me. Which is this space behind my eyes, in which there’s a tiny version of all that exists. Where all the information, all the raw material of thoughts and language, such as senses, shapes, feelings, colours, words, etc, get processed. What I do is taking this process, this on going flow, out of its containing box, to give it a physical body and make it visual. For having it in front of me and everyone else, to observe, explore and to play with.
My goal is to see what is the external shape of what’s inside the mind and what shape the external materials take, when they enter the mind, to have a better grasp of the diameters of this system. It is never to deliver a message nor to solve any problems, answer any questions or any kind of prophecy. Although these might happen as well, unintentionally along the way.
What unifies the physical existance of what I described above are a few rules forced to me by my personality.
I want my colours to be sharp and strong in most cases. I want compositions that are either classic or totally different. Annoyingly. I want the forms I use to be raw, primitive, to come without restriction, to come from consciousness. I want my forms to eat with their hands, not sitting up tight at a table with a napkin on their colar playing with their knife and fork. The work is never serious, although not necessarily funny either. But they mostly have a touch of sarcasm or self laugh or a funny character.
Material could basically be anything. I only have two preferences: I should be able to work the material with my hands. The size and nature of it should be suitable for working easily with my hands. 2. I want the prosess to be relatively fast.